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13 Knives

Brandyn "Bud" Heyser is the freewheeling creative who owns and makes 13 Knives. Bud left his "birth-hole" in Kentucky in 2013 and drove a home-built motorcycle 12,500 km - without maps or GPS - across the United States. Landing in Melbourne, Australia, in 2015, he spent two years creating furniture for one of the city's most talked-about designers. But knife-making was never far from Bud's mind, and in 2017 he followed his father and grandfather - and his natural calling - to a forge in Melbourne. Today, Bud runs an always-open business where clients can "drop in anytime and talk knives over a beer". Bud works through small batches of blades in his personal style, which translates into wonderfully raw, but amazingly crafted knives.