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Janus Slicer


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Janus series slicer for particularly delicate cuts, such as salmon, carpaccio, ham, etc.

The Janus series blades are made from a niobium alloy steel with stainless quality. The blades feature a hardness of HRC 60 and are coated with Nesmuk's proprietary DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coating, which effectively protects the blades from acids, bases, extreme temperatures and other harmful substances and conditions.

All Janus series knives come with a matt polished stainless steel collar and can be equipped with a variety of different handles (up to 5,000 year old bog oak, olive wood, cocobolo, grenadilla and micarta for the same price and Karelian birch burl, zebra wood, Bahian-rosewood, eucalyptus burl, Makassar ebony, amboyna, walnut burl or juma for an additional USD 160).

Shown here is a grenadilla handle.

Weight: approx. 80 grams.