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The Folder is the perfect accessory for gourmets who put great value on cutting food with style and respect, even when dining away from home.

The Soul series blades are made from a niobium alloy steel with stainless quality. The blades feature a hardness of HRC 60, maintain their intense sharpness for an extended period of time and can always be re-sharpened to original sharpness.

The Nesmuk Folders are available also with Damast steel or Janus blades and with a variety of handle materials to choose from (olive wood, desert iron wood, black birch burl, bog oak, piano lacquer, royal white ebony, hammer blow silver, tiger iron, lapis lazuli and black jade. Please enquire for availability and prices.

Shown here is a Folder with Soul blade and royal white ebony handle.

Weight: approx. 60 grams.