Ramo Filos

We are Ramo Filos, and we love making knives!

Four years ago we began to investigate the world of cutlery in a small room at a friend's house. Blood, sweat and tears (generally of joy) were spilled in that room in the Villa Crespo neighborhood.

In a short time it was necessary to expand our workshop and now we are installed in @espaciosbalux, an old factory of women's stockings located in the Paternal neighborhood, where several projects of different areas are carried out.

We are dedicated to making kitchen knives with classic and own designs, taking care of all the processes, from the choice of materials to the finishing touches.

For the blades we use different types of carbon and stainless steels and, to encase them and full tang handles, we choose native woods that are not in danger of extinction.

Currently Ramo Filos knives are highly required both for domestic use and in local gastronomy.

Kind Regards to all!

Germán, Andres and Joaquín