Torben Rune-Jakobsen

Rune-Jakobsen Design is a Danish micro-brand that designs and manufactures exclusive, high-quality, handmade products for the kitchen and home - designed and made in Denmark.
Behind the company is Torben Rune-Jakobsen, who is the artisan responsible for both designing and manufacturing all of the products on the far countryside of Denmark, where the ideal framework exists for a company with a focus on personal customer service, as well as passion and care for the quality and details of the craftsmanship.
At Rune-Jakobsen Design, the principle is that each finished product should be more than just another mass-produced item.
The products are carefully manufactured one at a time, and each individual design serves to achieve a functional and aesthetic quality, through which it becomes apparent that the detail, visual expression and craftsmanship of the products is emphasized.
In this way, each Rune-Jakobsen product achieves its very own unique expression, DNA if you will, which sets it apart from the norm.
"... When you make serious considerations and spend a lot of resources on the design of the interior of your home, I think it is a shame to compromise when it comes to the small details. Therefore, I have chosen to dedicate my work to the ‘overlooked’ elements of home furnishing and overhaul them with a craftsman's touch...", Torben says when asked why he has chosen to specialize in the production of this particular type of niche product.
Even if it appears to be "just" a simple chopping board, a shelf or a knife magnet, all of Rune-Jakobsen's products are made with great respect, care and an unreserved love for the craft and materials, that are the focal point of the company - a love that can be seen and felt when presented with the final product.