Savernake Knives

Savernake Knives was founded by Laurie Timpson in 2016 after failing to find someone to make him a custom made knife to his liking. Rather than admitting defeat, he decided to teach himself the art (and science) of knifemaking so that he could make his own and then offer the service to others. Since then Savernake have made 5,000 knives, with each one made to the exacting needs of a customer. 2,000 of them, in fact - from Michelin starred chefs to everyday cooks -  and through this process they have learnt what people truly value in a knife: provenance, function and aesthetics.

These three values are present in each and every knife they make in their converted sawmill on the edge of the ancient Savernake Forest in Wiltshire. They proudly draw upon Britain’s great heritage in industry and craft in their work, combining the power and precision of technology with the care and finesse of handcraft to create exceptionally sharp yet beautiful knives.

“So why do they make knives?” you might ask. For them it’s simple - they want to turn culinary drudgery into joy. To turn the aspect of cooking that people dislike the most into the one they positively revel in - decimating carrots, obliterating onions and scything through celery.

“The customers who really intrigue me are those who cook for their families day in, day out, who use a knife three times a day and have no love for that knife. We want to make them a knife that they will love – that takes away the drudgery and brings back joy.”