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Jelle Hazenberg

Eiffel Tower Knives

Eiffel Tower Knives

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These knives use genuine historic Eiffel Tower iron as upper part of the complex, 18 cm, five layer carbon steel / Nickel / Damascus blade that was forged by Mike Fellows (Karat Knives) in South Africa. The iron used was part of a spiral staircase that connected the Eiffel Tower's second platform with the top and was removed during renovation works in the 1980s. One segment of the staircase is on display at the Eiffel Tower itself, four others have been given to French museums and the remaining segments were sold. The iron used for these knives was part of the handrail of one of those segments. The Damascus pattern of the lower part of the blade resembles the star-lit night sky over Paris. 

Jelle Hazenberg in Ireland sculpted the handle in his signature style from stabilised French oak that used to be a wine barrel handmade by Francois Frères in Burgundy, France, and was used by one of their most prominent customers, an ultra high-end vineyard in Burgundy, for its most exclusive (US$ 15,000 per bottle) wine. The bolster is made from stabilised cork.

Each knife comes with a show piece box made from the very same wine barrel as the handle. One can still smell the wonderful wine that used to be stored in the barrel!

As all high quality knives, this knife will rust if not treated with care. 

Weight: approx. 160 grams

The price mentioned is per knife.

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