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Exklusiv C-150 with San Mai Damascus Steel Blade

Exklusiv C-150 with San Mai Damascus Steel Blade

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San Mai Damascus Steel represents the highest art of bladesmithing. A high carbon steel central layer (cutting edge) is wedged between two layers of fine Damascus steel, each with up to 401 layers. The blade has a hardness of HRC 64-65.

The blade is conserved for decades by applying an extremely thin (a few micrometers only) invisible silicon coating (Nesmuk Protective Coating), which Nesmuk have developed together with world-renowned Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology (ICT).

All Exklusiv C-150 knives come with a polished stainless steel collar and can be equipped with a variety of different handles (5,000 year old bog oak, cocobolo, olive wood, grenadilla, micarta, Karelian birch burl, zebra wood, Bahian-rosewood, eucalyptus burl, Makassar ebony, amboyna, walnut burl or juma). Shown here is a Karelian birch burl handle.

The Exklusiv C-150 comes standard in a representative glossy black piano laquered box and with a leather sheath and sharpening strop.

Weight: approx. 170 grams.

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