Golden Gate Bridge Knives

$2,750.00 USD

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Food preparation with a landmark. Literally!

These knives have been made with genuine Golden Gate Bridge suspender ropes that held the bridge's deck in place from the bridge's construction in the 1930s until their replacement in the 1970s. So for over 40 years the material these knives are made with has "guarded" the San Francisco Bay as part of one of the most iconic bridges the world over.

These knives' blades have been built in five layers: a core layer of 440C stainless steel, covered by a layer of Nickel on either side. The outer layers are a low layer count Damascus using the Golden Gate Bridge suspender rope (dark material) and 15N20 steel (lighter material). 

To stay with the "California" theme, the handles have been made from beautifully sculptured Giant Sequoia redwood. Each of these knives comes with its own box, a typical metal worker lunch box painted in the original "Golden Gate Bridge International Orange" colour. 

The price mentioned is per knife.