Mecca Knives

$8,750.00 USD

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Islamic heritage meets traditional German craftsmanship, precision and high tech. Only 25 of these extraordinary knives will ever be made.

This knife series uses original wood that was used for the decoration of the domes of the Grand Mosque extension around the Ka'aba in Mecca, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Shamiya project). All Teak wood used for these knives' handles and the knives' boxes are cut-offs or cut-outs of the original wood used in Mecca. The maple veneer used both, in Mecca and for these knives' boxes even stems from the very same individual tree. Depending on the individual box's design, even the amazonite stones used for these knives' boxes are left-overs from the construction process in Mecca and from the very same batch as all other amazonite stones used.

Further authenticity is added by all boxes being hand-carved by Mr. Driss Chiboub, the very person who was responsible for virtually all decorative carving works at the Grand Mosque extension.

The knives' blades are hand-crafted by high-end knife manufacturers Nesmuk in Solingen, Germany, using only the finest Nickel and Carbon steels. The intricate "Pathway to Heaven" Damascus pattern has been developed for this knife series only and requires an extraordinarily laborious process to be achieved. Each hollow ground blade features a core layer of high-carbon (1.5%) steel, wedged between outer supporting layers of special Damascus steel. The blades are then conserved for decades by applying an extremely thin (a few micro-meters only) invisible silicon coating (Nesmuk Protective Coating), which Nesmuk have developed together with world-renowned Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology (ICT).

Each knife of this strictly limited series will be individually numbered and only be made on specific customers' requests. Customers can choose either from ready made boxes (each of which will be hand-carved by Mr. Driss Chiboub), or request their own box lid designs. Similarly, all customers can choose from stainless steel (standard), brass (standard) or 18k gold bolsters (cost option) for their knives. Custom engravings on the knives' bolsters are available (no additional cost option). Each knife will be delivered with a fitted leather sheath and sharpening strop.

The price mentioned is per knife.