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Royal Yacht Britannia Knives

Royal Yacht Britannia Knives

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Ever dreamed of owning a piece of British Royalty? Here is your chance:

These knives' handles are made from genuine Teak wood that served as decking of the famous Royal Yacht Britannia. Imagine the late Queen Elizabeth II, King Charles III, Lady Di and her children Prince William and Prince Harry casually strolling down the very plank you are now holding in your hand, every time you are showing off your cooking skills. 

Coming down to the specifications, the Royal Yacht Britannia Knives have a 19 cm Silver Fox 100 stainless steel blade with the Royal Coat of Arms of Great Britain etched on it. The handle is made from said Teak wood, which is held in place by an anchor styled mosaic pin. 

Weight: approx. 140 grams

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